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We champion high investment returns while making a real difference.

In 2020, 30% of all households had “unaffordable” rent or mortgage payments, defined as exceeding 30% of monthly household income.

The combination of rising prices and spiking interest rates have effectively priced out 4 million households that could previously afford a home.

At the same time, the US currently has a deficit of 3.8 million homes, with the greatest supply shortages at low-income price points. 

The National Low Income Housing Coalition estimates that the US will need more than 7 million affordable homes to meet the growing demands of the nation’s workforce.

Instead of defaulting to the development of rental properties and perpetuating dependency, The Atlas Strategy has a solution to the housing crisis that generates opportunity for working class families and high returns for investors.

We combine a turnkey development process with a hybrid ownership structure to bring our partners and investors outstanding profits — while making a real difference on the frontlines of the US housing crisis.

In three words, we are pioneers.

We saw a challenge and took it head on — and our objective has always been twofold. We wanted to create a sustainable solution to the housing crisis while delivering high investment returns for the investors, partners, and governments. Ultimately, there are three things that make up The Atlas Difference.

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Atlas Cottage Homes are foundation-based homes with smaller footprints, between 500 and 1,600 square feet, that qualify for a variety of traditional 30-year mortgage loans. We are the only licensed builder in Florida approved to do this.

Allowing working class families to buy newly built homes — often for the first time in their lives — creates generational wealth through home value appreciation and mortgage payments that are lower than rents

Some of the mortgages that Atlas Cottage Homes qualify for are:

HomeReady and Home Possible Loans

Mortgages that feature low down payments for low-income buyers (just 3% of the home purchase price)

VA Home Loans

Specifically for military home buyers, with no minimum credit score or down payment requirements

Good Neighbor Next Door Loans

A unique home buying program that offers huge savings for nurses, first responders, teachers, and other public servants

Down Payment Assistance

These local grants or loans provide assistance with down pay­ments and often closing costs

Allowing homeowners to buy newly built homes

Often for the first time in their lives - creates gen­erational wealth through home value appreciation and mortgage payments that are lower than rents

USDA Home Loans

Mortgages that allow you to buy a home with no money down and 100% financing

FHA Home Loans

Great for buyers with lower credit scores or higher levels of debt

HFA Home Loans

Offered in partnership with state and local housing authorities

Mortgage Credit Certificates

Provides home buyers with tax credits equal to some percent­age of their mortgage interest payments

The Equity Gain Chart

Renting Purchase
1 bed/1 bath
3 bed/2 bath
Term 5 Year 5 Year 5 Year
Purchase Price 0 $210,000 $345,000
Down Payment* 0 20% 20%
Monthly Mortgage Payment** $1,200/$1,650 $902 $1,482
Est Tax, HOA, PMI, HOI 0 $825 $1,117
Total Monthly Payment $1,200/$1,650 $1,827 $2,599
Amount Serving Principle*** 0 $202 $332
Cash Equity Accrued 0 $13,795 $22,613
Appreciation Gain (5%)**** 0 $58,019 $95,317
Total Equity In Home $0 $71,814 $117,980

Who We Work With

Benefits for Investors and Partners

High Investment Returns

Atlas Cottage Homes manufactures the modular home products in our own facility and our alternative ownership structure allows the end buyer to finance their home, creating cash flow at closing while retaining a triple net structure with monthly ground lease payments.

Speed-to-Market Process

From identifying land, acquisition, and financing to manufacturing the homes, approvals, and sales, we take care of every single step from start to finish. You bring us the opportunity or capital, and we’ll maximize its profitability with you.

Cross Collateralized Leases

Your investment is cross collateralized by a community of homeowners who guarantee the payment of the underlying triple net ground lease.

Benefits for Government

Reduction in Market-Rate Renting

Atlas Cottage Homes has a solution that creates an opportunity to generate wealth for an entire population of people who have had to rely on unsustainable practices — like renting — in the past.

Community Development

Providing alternatives to working families doesn’t just create a sustainable way to end the housing crisis, but also attracts new businesses and industries, supporting teachers, nurses, retail workers, government employees, emergency service providers, law enforcement, and other professionals who are invaluable to the community.

Increased Tax Base and Revenue

Wealthier communities create wealthier governments. Building prosperous and safe communities for taxpayers means that local governments get to grow their tax base and increase property tax revenue.

Fulfillment of Requirements

In the State of Florida, local municipalities are required to provide for the housing needs of the community and use their authority to encourage and assist the private sector to create affordable housing opportunities. Atlas helps local governments seamlessly achieve these goals.

Long Term Affordability

While current minimums for entitlements and government affordable housing incentives is only 20% of a community or building, the Atlas Cottage Strategy creates 100% affordable home ownership.

Benefits for Homeowners

Access to Sustainable Housing

7 out of 10 Americans are just one paycheck away from being homeless. Instead of trying to combat this problem with rental properties — a solution that does not generate wealth or value but only perpetuates dependency — Atlas has created an alternative that allows working families to have equity in their homes.

Better Lifestyle

Atlas is on a mission to take the stigma out of affordable housing. The homes we build are not only beautiful, but functional: they have insulation throughout, tankless water heaters, ductless air conditioning, washer and dryer hook-ups, and are built to local and state building codes.

Building Personal & Generational Wealth

Instead of spending money on rent, homeowners take advantage of home value appreciation and create wealth for generations to come. Between appreciation of the home and principal pay-down, owners are able to “live within their own bank.”

Living in Safe Communities

Atlas goes beyond building homes. We design entire communities, allowing its members access to community centers and cooperative social amenities. Additionally, our focus on proximity to metropolitan areas and workforce centers allows for an enhanced quality of life through easier access to employment opportunities.

Our Models

Discover our multi-modular developments, single family homes, and disaster recovery redevelopments

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