Cutting Edge Manufacturing, Integrated

Every Atlas Cottage Home is hand-built in our two state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in Orlando by craftsmen who care about every nail, fastener, and trim piece they apply. Assembled using only state-approved materials in a controlled environment, our high-quality modular homes redefine what affordable housing looks like.

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Atlas Cottage Homes is the only licensed builder in the state of Florida permitted to build under 800 - 1000 square feet and still qualify for a traditional 30-year mortgage.

Yet, the Atlas Difference does not stop here.

We are on a mission to bring high-quality yet affordable homes all over the U.S., with upcoming projects in Georgia, North and South Carolina, and the Midwest.

  • We have perfected a unique indoor manufacturing process that increases the effectiveness and reduces the cost. Our standard timeline allows for just 4-6 weeks per modular structure, a record in the industry.
  • A comprehensive two-phase building inspection by approved inspectors allows our homes to arrive on-site complete and qualified for occupancy.
  • Our one-of-a-kind manufacturing process is fully environmentally friendly. We believe in solving challenges, not creating new ones.

Building Process

  • Tailor the product to the development.

  • State and local approvals to meet building codes and comprehensive plans.

  • Execution. We build the product at the capacity required for each development.

  • Coordinate with the development, lenders, agents and homeowners.